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MEEL Lab meeting Oct 8 2020

Today’s MEEL meeting was held in both Darwin room (IRL) and ZOOM(online). According to Staffan, the place where the meeting is held is likely to incorporate Red room (IRL) for every week later. The red room’s capacity is around 30 people. In this special time of confronting Covid-19, the people of MEEL are getting resourceful.

In today’s talk, Chiara presented some amazing results from studying predator-induced maternal effects in fish (guppy). She showed an experiment design of assigning the same male to two groups of females which received different treatments (one with the presence of predator). The fries of two groups were collected for a series of tests. One of the results is that the fries from the predator-treated group showed higher propensity of dispersal. 

Best of luck to Chiara’s research and wish she has more amazing results to deliver in the future!

October 13, 2020

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