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MEEL Lab Meeting Sep 18 2020

In today’s lab meeting, more of us have have gathered IRL in the red room, where it has the capacity of hosting roughly 26 distanced people. A few technical hick-ups in the beginning, but the meeting continued without major issues.

The main topic came from our lab engineer Maria Svensson Coelho, who gave an introduction to electronic lab notebooks (ELN). In her talk, she outlined what’s out there, and things to consider when choosing an ELN for your lab. First, the value of having an ELN in keeping your notes safe and your research reproducible. Second, the legal and security aspects that we should consider. For example, we should preferably choose an ELN provider that is based in Europe. Third, the costs and the basic equipments required to set up an ELN shared between lab members, which includes an e-tablet. And finally, she gave a demo on how does ELN actually work in her real-lab situations.

One can never be too careful in keeping their scientific records safe and correct, so we thank Maria to share her experience of using ELN in her lab management for over a year. People are interested and we discussed the benefits and practical obstacles in implementing ELN in MEEL. Maybe we’ll all have an iPad one day?

September 18, 2020

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